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The Dream Team.

Praneeth | Founder

Sree | Co-Founder

Al | Co-Founder

Tirth Modi | Business Development

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We have a Simple Dream

The most successful brands are design lead. About 70% of Forbes listed companies put design first. Many businesses are failing in the current market because they don't recognize the need to be User Friendly. Similarly, many companies cannot reach their full potential they neglect the importance of Design thinking. Our dream is to help as many businesses as we can in leveraging design and aboard them on the ship to ultimate success.

A quest for Simplicity

We have a deep rooted affinity towards simple things in life. This has been the major driving factor to start this design agency. If we can eliminate clutter from our day to day life, we will lead a life of superior quality and content. We wanna bring the same ideology to software and brands.